Moving the blog! Now at

I’ve decided to not use the wordpress hosting anymore as I found I wasn’t able to customise my blog the way I would’ve liked, without paying $30 to customise css. So with the help of Mr D, he moved me over to a new site host, I puchased myself a domain name, and am able to customise the blog to my liking!

If you were a follower of my bloglovin’ or here on wordpress, please follow me on the new site. Same blog, same Ellie, different site 🙂

I also am with Google Friend Connect now, so if you use GFC and like what I have to blog, please follow me on there as well 🙂

So it’s goodbye to wordpress, but I’m still using the wordpress client software, just not using wordpress free hosting.

Anyway, come and visit me over at, and we’ll have a blog warming party… or we can just carry on like usual!


I’m taking the weekend off from blogging – need to recuperate and celebrate from finishing the scholastic year – all exams now finished 😀 So will be using the weekend to catch up with the people in my life I’ve pushed aside these past 2 weeks for exams!

Here’s what I hope to get done on Monday

*Solstice Scents review

*Bokeh Face Cosmetics swatcherooni and review (I haven’t had time to bring these up, I still have other brands I need to swatch and review as well :O)

*Enchated Leaves jewellery

*90 day Makeup challenge day 3

So Monday will be busy, but now I have all the time in the world 😀

Heading home tomorrow 😀

Exams happening this Wednesday and Thursday. Cannot wait for this to be done. To be honest, I’m finding the study…enjoyable o.O  So I’m going for gold here with the study. I can’t wait to get home Thursday night – because this means no more uni until March 2012 😀

Far out, I’ve got so many swatches and reviews to finish up, and so many games I need to finish/get started, and so many recipes to tackle.

*wanders off to study more*

Later taters!

On the road..err, the train.

Won’t be around for about 5 days. Heading over with Mr D to his brothers’ house as his mum is in town from interstate, so we’re spending a couple of days over there 😀

I’m still participating in the indoor festival, just relocating to another venue!

I bet you that the majority if what I’ve been waiting for to arrive in the mail comes on Friday…when I’m 2 hours away from my p.o box -_-‘

Happy days taters – I’ll go hard with the studying, you go hard with being yo’ awesome selves 😉



Dinner Last Night – Potato Top Curry Pie

I think I may start making my dinner blogging a regular thing. Might even help me keep track of what I’ve been eating, I tend to forget what meals I make most often, then I can backtrack through and see if I’m not eating enough of x and y.

So for dinner last night was Potato Top Curry Pie (recipe from VegWeb – love that place), and it’s basically just a lentil based shepherds pie with some adjustments. All I can say is if you don’t like curry – WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU AND CAN I REPLACE YOUR TASTEBUDS? Before I met Mr D I had NEVER had curry. Just wasn’t something an australian greek family eats, spanakopitas are more our thing. Over the past 5 years I’ve grown accustomed to curry and haven’t looked back – well except for green curry (I hate coconut).

Getting back on track, these are the pictures. I lol at how ridiculous my food photos look, but I’m not here to win any awards 😛 Maybe one day I can get better at it, but for now, I just hope they don’t look like garbage xD

The browny things on top are the potato skins. We rarely peel the skin off potatoes. Partly due to laziness, but mostly because we like the flavour and nutrition profile 😀

Look at the lentil and curry goodness – loooooooook. Maybe don’t look that hard because the photo isn’t the best 😛

Shiro Cosmetics – Death Note Collection – SWATCHFEST

Finally in my possession I have all 10 samples of the newest collection from Shiro Comsetics, the Death Note Collection.

Banner from Shiro Cosmetics website

I ordered the sample bag set on October 17 and they arrived on November 1st. So far I have some firm favourites in Second Kira, More Sugar and Shinigami, and there are a few other colours that I know after playing around with are going to make it to the top of the pile (Heart Attack for sure). There’s a nice blend of finished with metallic, shimmer, satin and glitter (Shinigami and Second Kira are the glitteriest shades and I’ve tried to take photos so you can see the glitter in the colours.) I’m a firm Shiro Comsetics fan, and whilst I am not familiar with the Death Note universe (I’m more of a Bleach girl myself, haven’t gotten around to watching DN) I think these colours are great colours that people should have in their kits if they like darker colours.

The Death Note collection is apart of the permanent line at Shiro Cosmetics, so it’s not limited. The sample bag set is $9 for the 10 shadows, $27 for the 10 mini jars and $45.00 for the 10 full size jars.

This post is swatch heavy and I wanted to include the larger high quality swatches, but it would take a while for the page to load, plus have the image get cut off, so I’ve included thumbnail pictures in my post. Just click the images to enlarge the photo.

All swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.


The following photo was taken in indirect sunlight (standing next to a window) Click each image to enlarge.

The following photos were taken in direct sunlight (outside)




Photos taken outside in direct sunlight, out of focus to display the sparkle

Photos taken outside in the shade – you can see the glitter in Shinigami and Second Kira clearer in these photos.

Do you have any favourites from this collection? Any misses? Perhaps now might be the time for me to get around to reading the manga and watching the anime so I can see where these colours were inspired from 🙂

Later taters!

Avocado Creamy Pasta – Not as disgusting as you think it might be

Last night I wanted something to eat where I’d feel stuffed with goodness and the food zinging with flavour. I introduce you to this recipe of fabulousness I found whilst trawling the internet for ideas for what to do with a rather over ripe avocado we had lying around.

15 minute creamy avocado pasta from Oh She Glows

Welcome to my table of clutter and deliciousness 😀

This is a completely vegan pasta meal, and I used wholemeal fettucine (we rarely use white pasta in the house, Mr D and I don’t really like the taste of it and prefer the wholemeal versions – plus – all that freaking good fibre!). We’re both basil and garlic fiends so we added extra, and this came out tasting like a creamy pesto sauce 😀 Seriously need to make this again to have with tortellini. I’m a strict vegetarian ( still consume dairy and eggs – lacto/ovo but avoid products such as gelatine, carmine and any other products which were sourced from a deceased animal – that’s a post for another time!), so I can vouch that this does have the same creamy mouthfeel that a dairy cream would have, of course not the flavour, but the flavour of the avocado is so so mild. You can probably add in whatever herbs you wanted and morph it to suit your tastes. Avocado is such an awesome food, and has so many awesome health benefits, it’s such a shame it’s name means testicles 😦 Not that there’s anything wrong with testicles, they were needed to create this fine specimen that is myself, but it’s just one of those funny facts which makes me rasie an eyebrow and think who could possibly have nads like an avacado damnit 😛 Anyway!!!!! Go find your appropriate mind bleach if needed if the last comment has put unwanted imagery into your head 🙂

All I know is, this food is awsome, is cheap to make, and you should all go make it NOW!

Detrivore Cosmetics Swatches – UPDATED

I’ve re swatched all my Detrivore colours, and will post them here. I’ve decided to leave the original pictures up, perhaps they may serve some purpose, do not know. However in the original review I will link back here so people will know where to find them. If you want to read my review on Detrivore just click here.

All swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and photo taken under a daylight light bulb.


90 days of makeup challenge – day 2 – Now I remember..

Day 2’s look using my Urban Decay Preen Palette. This was the fist ever Urban Decay product I purchased. It’s notoriously difficult for Australians to get their hands on UD. We cannot order from their website, so we are at the mercy of the resellers on ebay who jack up the prices so much. We’re talking $70+ for the Naked Palette :/ Anyway, I rarely use this palette because I started to become increasingly frustrated with Urban Decay – because it was so hard for me to come across, and I just didn’t have the energy or quite frankly didn’t have the money, which shifted me towards indie makeup (which I prefer much more). So it’s been lying around, and has only been in use 2 or 3 times – then I remembered another reason why I stopped using it.

Can you tell I’ve used 4 shades here? I’m very much struggling :/ I’m pretty disappointed, even though they’re nice colours, I can’t get definition using the neutrals in this palette.


Products Used

  • Urban Decay – Toasted (1/2 lid – inner)
  • Urban Decay – Mildew (1/2 lid – outer half)
  • Urban Decay – Snatch (tear duct)
  • Urban Decay – Smog (crease and lower lashline)
  • Australia Lash Magnitude Volumising Mascard – Black

I know that the purple, blue and green in this palette are terrific, but the neutrals are a major disappointment for me. I can barely see Mildew on my lids 😦

Darling Clandestine – the rest

I’m just going to lump together the rest of the samples I received in my order, because doing it one by one sure is more annoying than doing it all together, plus I’m sure it’s easier for everyone to read through as well 🙂


This is so incredibly smooth, so smooth I feel like licking this scent off from where I’ve dabbed it on xD It smells like dark chocolate EXACTLY and there’s some spice in it, which I can’t figure it out what it is. I’m an amateur here afterall. If you enjoy chocolate, warm, smooth fragrances, Falchion will be waiting for you. I feel so calm and damn good looking when I have this on.


This was a bonus sample that I received. My first thoughts of this weren’t good. We can’t like everything right? I still can’t figure out what it is I’m smelling, and it’s even harder for me to describe. I know this is meant to be salty with some leather in it, and I guess it’s the salt that I’m smelling straight off the bat, or maybe it’s the leather. I wish I knew what it was 😦 Mr D likes this more than I, and at first he thought it smelled like Dr Pepper…he can have some pretty unique olfactory associations at times, but then again, I don’t really like Dr Pepper and avoid it, which is pretty easy to do in Australia considering you have to go to specialty lolly shops to find it. Anyway, as it dries down the smell I picked up at the beginning begins to subside and I smell a fresher marine type scent, which is more my cup of tea. I still need more time with Inked, because it has be quite baffled xD

Carny Wedding

Oh yeah is this a sweet one. The description tells no lie – buttercream cany sweet. There’s something else I smell in there which isn’t candy sweet, and is more like a fresh scent, maybe this is the cider? I’ve never had cider in my life, so have no clue if that’s what I’m smelling. I’m not sure if I would say it’s foody, I haven’t smelled enough fragrances to know yet, but it does have a food like sweetness, but it won’t make you feel like you’ve rubbed a cake on your wrist.

Monstre Delicat

So fresh, and to me it smells soapy – but I love that 😀 This make me think of winter – not crappy Australian winter, but what I would imagine a trip to a snowy town would smell like. It makes me feel very calm and tranquil, and gives me a little shiver up my spine too 😛 To me, this smells complex, because I can’t identify a thing 😛 I want to say it smells floral, than I get the soapy scent coming through. I love Monstre Delicat and have ordered this in full size which will be on it’s way soon I hope!


I hate to be a broken record – but this is fresh 😉 It reminds me a little of cologne, in the sense that it is a little sharp, but it’s nothing like an icky aldehyde, it’s a natural sharpness you might get from strong scented flowers or freshly mowed grass. There’s something floral to this, but it’s rather delicate. If this scent had a colour it’d be yellow. No idea if that helps but my brain is just screaming yellowyellowyellowyellow 😛


Passionfruit! It smells like a sour passionfruit too, not just those sticky sweet ones and it has some citrus in it too. I really am a sucker for anything citrus/non berry fruit scented. Even thought this is a fruity scent, it’s not overwhelmingly sweet *cough*ralph by ralph lauren*cough*. It’s an easy scent to wear, and you’re guaranteed to get a mood boost from putting it in on. I ordered one of the bitsy vials – which is the largest size this fragrance comes in.

Bear in mind, I am a complete fragrance novice. I don’t know the jargon, and I don’t even know what certain scents smell like individually. All I can offer are my initial thoughts and reactions. I highly recommend Darling Clandestine, and I’ve made 2 subsequent orders after these samples, which even more to come I know 😛

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